Home Again


ラジオ英会話・中級(May 3rd-3)

I thought everything would turn out fine. :結果的にはすべて上手くいくと思ったんだよ。 ←turn out は result の意味

I thought it would just be better not to say anything. :何も言わない方がいいと思って。

I know I should have just been honest about everything in the first place. :最初からすべて正直に言うべきだったんだよ。

  • 失望を表す

I'm disappointed. / That's very disappointing. / I find that disappointing. ←やや丁寧

in the first place=そもそも・最初から,get home=帰宅する,fail through=ダメになる,break up with~=(恋人など)と別れる